Mozzarella di Bufala Campana – 1 kg


4 pcs à 250 g mozzarellas

This lovely, creamy and tasty mozzarella is made with buffalo milk in the heart of Campania in South Italy. It is handmade by a family business that has decades of experience in buffalo livestock and artisanal cheese making. That makes the cheese particularly tasty. Mozzarella is fresh cheese that doesn’t get any better as it is on the day it has been made. For this reason I carry the mozzarella to Finland as fast as possible – at the moment it arrives only two days old so you can enjoy the cheese amazingly fresh!

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How to use

Fresh mozzarella tastes best when it is about 15°C warm – not straight from the fridge. It goes very well in salads with tomato and fresh basil. Add mozzarella to a lovely lasagna or enjoy it on a pizza. I recommend you to eat the mozzarella as it is when it is really fresh and to use more than one week old mozzarella in cooking. When used in cooking it is good to cut the mozzarella even one day before and leave it in the fridge to dry. In this way you can avoid extra liquid when cooking the cheese.

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This mozzarella is made by Caseificio Jemma. After living for a couple of years in one of the mozzarella centres in Italy I can say that Jemma is definitely one of the best mozzarella producers in the province of Salerno. Cheese is made out of milk that comes only from this family business’ own buffalos. The dairy feeds the buffalos only with the fodder grown in their own land because the feed affects the quality of the milk.

The mozzarella is made with freshly milked milk. For this reason there’s no need to heat-treat the milk that would change its taste and hence also the taste of the cheese. Jemma’s mozzarella is ripened with natural lactic acid fermentation that consumes a big part of the lactose of the milk. The flavour differs significantly from the industrial mozzarella.

Jemma follows high standards in quality and hygiene. This guarantees the excellence of the product. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is Protected Designation of Origin name for the traditionally produced mozzarella made out of Campana buffalo milk.


Ingredients: Buffalomilk, salt, rennet.



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